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Shoji Australia can be your communication pathway

Supporting Japanese Business in Australia

If you are based in Japan and need assistance doing business in Western Australia, we can offer professional bilingual services. We can identify and contact organisations and individuals clients may wish to see and arrange appointments. These may range from banks, accountants and lawyers, to consultants and government departments. For those companies that decide to start a business, our services can be provided on an ongoing basis until fully integrated into Perth. We can also provide orientation packages for Japanese nationals moving to Perth.

Supporting Australian Business in Japan

Shoji Australia can assist Australian businesses to understand Japanese culture and facilitate business ventures needing cultural insight, local Japanese knowledge, and bilingual coordination. There are many ways we can assist you. We offer presentations, mentoring, and coordinating business or cultural awareness trips to Japan.

Japanese Media Services

Our media service provides website translation and graphic design to suit the Japanese market. We can ensure that your promotional materials in Japanese convey accurate, suitable, and culturally appropriate messages. We can also assist with internet marketing in Japan, featuring a site-optimising service that will accelerate traffic to your web site.


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