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Study Tours to Japan


Shoji Australia can take the burden off school staff by offering professional support to an existing Japanese tour program or we can create and coordinate a tour to Japan for students and staff that can be customised to cater for special interests and budgets. Tours to Japan are suitable for both upper primary and secondary school students.


Offer your students a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the real Japan

Educational Tours are not just for schools with a Japanese language program

With stunning natural scenery, futuristic technology, world heritage architecture and unique cultural expression there are infinite possibilities for travel to Japan.  School 

learning areas can combine to cater for all areas of interest.  Language, cuisine, traditional culture and practice, visual arts, music and drama, can be observed and experienced.   The journey can begin in class and continue after.  Cultural tourism provides opportunities for discussions about society, world history, politics, economy, cultural heritage and values.  Children participating in educational travel are inspired by exposure to new people, cultures and experiences that can have positive effects across the curriculum as students mature personally and intellectually.  Developing insight into cultural and racial diversity and similarities helps prepare them for a future in an increasingly global community.

Shoji Australia can create unique itineraries catering for special interests and budgets.  Tours can be targeted for both primary and secondary students.  If you have an existing program, why not consider a change.  Local knowledge is often the key to the most rewarding travel experiences.  Shoji Australia can offer advice on every aspect of travel to japan and coordinate your trip.

How Shoji Australia can assist you

Shoji Australia was established in 1985 as a licensed travel agent and has been successfully coordinating educational and cultural programs for Japanese & Australian students since the 1990s. Shoji Australia staff has both native Japanese and English speakers who have backgrounds in business, education and the travel industry with both local and international knowledge and experience ensuring a highly professional service with personalised support.

Local knowledge can be the key to the most rewarding travel experiences. Shoji Australia has a network of partners throughout Japan who support our programs and give us access to a variety of educational and cultural opportunities. We are constantly updating our knowledge and contacts in Japan to offer alternative destinations and new activities. We can cater for different types of accommodation and home stay, flights, all transport in Japan (transport passes and coach), sightseeing itineraries (with maps, routes, educational notes, etc), day trips, school visits, bilingual guides as required, Japanese cultural activities and studies, meals, entry to events, etc, as well as offer advice on the best time to travel, local events, where to stay, and what to see and do. We can also provide assistance with travel insurance.

Program coordination also allows for presenting at an information session with students and parents, conducting a pre-departure briefing with students and parents, an information booklet for students, and contact and facilitation of support during the trip to Japan.


What people say...

"Thank you very much for organising our trip. Your careful planning has led to our very successful and fantastic trip. I would recommend Shoji Australia to other teachers who are planning trips to Japan. Once again, please accept my sincere thanks to you and your company."
- Bee Choo, Japanese teacher


“The true success of the visit was clearly evident during farewells at the train station preceding our return to Australia. There were many tears, handshakes, hugs and much bowing as we realised how much we will miss our new friends in Japan.”
- Phil Chadwick (Japanese teacher)


“Jenni’s organisational skills coupled with her willingness to attend school and parent meetings at short notice (necessitated by the tragic events in Japan last year), and indeed her in depth knowledge of Japan, its culture and language, led to a hugely successful and memorable trip for all concerned. As the tour leader I was very impressed with the attention to detail, and the high level of planning which ultimately allowed me to enjoy Japan, rather than have to worry about day to day organisation and logistical matters. Jenni has a wealth of knowledge about places to see and things to do, and I m sure that this level of flexibility will result in an experience similar to ours. Again I would have no hesitation in recommending Shoji to other schools and organisations planning a visit to Japan."
- Patrick Laidler (Japanese teacher)


"Going to a Japanese High School in Chiba must be one of the exciting things I’ve ever done! I loved the classes, the friendly students, the sailor school uniform, my little obento lunches and the teachers who tried to speak in English for me. I got to attend many classes and help the students speak English, as well as improving my Japanese speaking skills day by day!  Even when it was time to go I wasn’t too sad because I had made so many great memories and great friends who I exchanged presents with! My class presented me with a bouquet of flowers and a big card, and they were all sad to lose me, as was I sad too to lose them.

My host family was absolutely lovely! The family consisted of 2 parents and 3 daughters. They took me out every weekend to Tokyo or around Chiba which consisted of a lot of shopping! They also cooked me a variety of delicious meals and on my last night they took me out to eat my favourite type of Japanese food- yakiniku! The whole family wants to visit Perth now, and I’m very excited for their visit! But until then, I’ll be missing them so much!

The next chance I have to go to Japan, you know where I’ll be going back to first- Chiba!"

- Charlotte (student)


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