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Let Shoji Australia be your pathway to Japan 


Whether for business or leisure, Shoji Australia can custom design escorted tours or comprehensive self-guided itineraries that offer you a unique experience of Japan. We cover all the details to ensure worry free travel. Our service can include arranging accommodation (even home stay), flights, all transport in Japan, sightseeing itineraries (with maps, routes, informative notes, etc), bilingual guides as required, Japanese cultural activities and studies, meals, entry to events, etc. Shoji Australia can organise a travel experience customised for your budget.

Local knowledge is often the key to the most rewarding travel experiences. Shoji Australia can offer advice on every aspect of travel when coordinating your trip.  Our focus is to provide you with experiences that a typical packaged tour cannot offer.  We can cater for special interests like food and cuisine, the arts, traditional culture, interactive experiences and classes as well as offer advice on the best time to travel, local events, where to stay (western & traditional styles), and what to see and do.


Japan Trip Individual Self-Guided Itinerates – service details

One Hour Consultation                                                       $250 (up to 14 days travel)

  • Meeting to discuss & advise on all aspects of the itinerary
  • Preparation of draft itinerary
  • Main train, highway & limousine bus transfer information
  • Japan information booklet

Booking & planning service – basic                                  $ by quote

  • Accommodation advice & booking (payment handling not included)
  • Transport bookings
  • Activity and tour referral if required
  • Guide referral if required
  • Local sightseeing information (general)

Full booking & planning service – premium                    $ by quote

  • All basic booking & planning service
  • Accommodation and transport booking payment handling where possible
  • Activity, tour and guide booking
  • Personalised daily activity planning with detailed sightseeing information and transport access


  • Flight bookings
  • Japan Rail passes
  • IC Transport card (SUICA or PASMO)

What people say...

"Thank you for all your help in putting our itinerary together - we had a great trip.  The Japanese people we encountered were incredibly helpful (- even without English), honest and polite and the culture is different and constantly surprising in small details.  Our time in Tokyo, Kyoto, Kumano Kodo & Osaka was wonderful. We were delighted with your support and service."

- Forbes family


"Dear Mitsue. Again, we would like to thank you, Jenni, and staff for all your help with bookings, transport, and airfares of our Japan holiday, as well as the detailed self guided itinerary which made our holiday in Japan a most memorable experience."

- Aurelio and Zdenka


"Hello, Mitsue. We are now home from our amazing trip to Japan. We are really grateful to you and Jenni for helping us organise our adventure and for inviting us to join with the group tour in Kyoto. We had a wonderful time and your help with the train timetables made such a difference to getting to places on time.

We had an amazing experience going to the school. Some of the students who had been to Perth took us on a tour of the school to see all the after school club activities and the drum group performed for us then gave us a turn at drumming. Then the calligraphy group taught us to paint some characters onto fans.

Two of the girls took us back to Kobe on the train so we didn’t get lost! Such beautiful students. On the way from the train station to the school, we asked directions of a lady and her son. We kept walking and a few minutes later the boy run up to us and started taking us in the right direction to the school, then his mum pulled up in her car and drove us the rest of the way. Such kindness from people who didn’t know us. We experienced so much kindness and help from the local people wherever we went. What a beautiful place to visit and to feel so welcome.

All the information pages you sent through to us were great. Our friends in Japan were very keen to cook for us and to ensure that we had tasted most of the food in your lists! It is amazing that we did not put on weight!"

- Bev and Kevin


"Mitsue, Jennifer. I never thanks you for all the work you did on our Japan trip. we had the most amazing time in Miyama. Our host spent about 2 hours with my mother at the Little Indigo Museum – they knew all the same people in the textile business and mum had the most amazing time.  The ryokan was perfect, even if we were the only guests and your travel directions saw us there safely. Highly enjoyable trip."

- Elizabeth


"Both of you were brilliant and caring yesterday. I can't believe how thoroughly you prepared our trip, and how you never left a question until I understood the answer. You both seemed to remember every little gap that needed to be filled, and chased down every possibility of research until we were all satisfied. Thank you both so much."

- Penny and Sara


"Thank you for organizing our trip it was amazing!! It is definitely a country that I would like to visit again and  next time take my husband, he would have loved to have come with us last April with the others. Fabric town was great, in fact I went twice.  And your directions to get there were extremely good. Also found our way to the kitchen street, fabulous, I just love Japanese pottery. Thank you again."

- Kristen


"Hi Mitsue and Jennifer, Just thought I would drop you a line to say thank you for arranging our holiday in Japan,

We had a great experience and enjoyed the holiday immensely and part of the reason was the meticulous planning which you provided for our trip.

All of the bookings went very smoothly except the hotel in Harkone, where they were not expecting us and at the end of the stay , requested payment for our accommodation. When we advised them that it was already paid, they reversed their request, and no issue. Seemed strange though.

Apart from that we had no hassles anywhere. We loved the Metro system and train system throughout the country.

Leanda found the perfect flute so she was immensely happy,
Kristen found lots of fabric so she was happy.
I loved the e-bikes around Kyoto so I was happy, (not sure everyone else was but it was my turn).
Jomay found some great souvenirs so she was happy.

All in all a great trip and I have been promoting your services to all of my friend and acquaintances.
Thank you once again for your help."

- Peter


"Hi Jenni & Mitsue, We have been meaning to send a message of thanks to you both for all of the detail you provided for our wonderful trip to Japan. It was an enlightening and inspiring adventure all round. Thank you so much for all of your suggestions and tips throughout the schedule. 

And thanks for helping to sort out the missing luggage in Kyoto and for liaising with the Apartment Manager for instructions on how to close their door without using the cardkey."

- Katrina


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