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Exciting opportunities for WA schools

Shoji Australia offers fully supported hosting programs to schools with or without a Japanese language program

Asian literacy is a priority in the Australian curriculum and schools that host international programs are promoting cultural awareness, mutual understanding, shared values, and international friendship. Shoji Australia can offer you a new opportunity or take the burden off teachers through supporting an existing program.

Interaction with other cultures enriches our community. The benefits of hosting international students extend beyond language studies to cultural knowledge and understanding that enhance all learning areas.  Hosting can be a rewarding experience for everyone. Australian students who are studying Japanese get inspired, can increase their cultural knowledge, and can realise their language learning through social activities and interactive classes. Other learning areas can become involved through presentations by Japanese students and shared classes highlighting aspects of Australian or Japanese culture. Visits can also provide impetus for lessons across the curriculum about society, history, economy, cultural heritage, and values. Hosting provides a wonderful opportunity for people of all ages to experience another culture and broaden their outlook on life. 


Why host through Shoji Australia? 

Shoji Australia is a local company with a long history in WA.  It operates as a licensed travel agent focused on coordinating educational and cultural programs for Japanese & Australian students. Shoji staff has both native Japanese and English speakers who have backgrounds in business, education and the travel industry with both local and international knowledge and experience. We offer a highly professional service with personalised support. Our motto is “Pathways to global friendships” and we are committed to providing experiences to nurture cultural awareness and positive relationships.

Organising a program with visiting Japanese students places a big burden on teachers already juggling busy schedules and demands. If you have a program in place we can take the pressure off school staff by facilitating and supporting an established program, or we can offer opportunities for schools to participate in coordinated programs through us.   Shoji Australia programs are professionally organised and supported to foster positive interaction yet impose minimally on the school.  

  • An experienced Shoji staff member liaises with the school to prepare for a visit & monitor the program.
  • Professional bilingual staff support the program throughout the stay & offer 24 hour assistance to students & host families.  Importantly, Shoji Australia takes responsibility for duty of care for all visiting students.
  • The school is offered a substantial donation per student per week which makes hosting a good fundraising opportunity.
  • Host families are found through advertising in the school & then Shoji Australia can take responsibility for coordination of all correspondence, screening and paperwork, and arrangements with families. Schools are consulted & kept informed.
  • A trained teacher will attend each day to supervise the students in the school and provide specialised ESL lessons for the visiting students.
  • The itinerary allows for participation in regular classes & interactive activities at the school’s discretion. We can offer advice and support to interested teachers.


Please contact us for more information.