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Hosting individual Japanese student visits

Shoji Australia offers opportunities for schools to host students from Japan through short and long term individual visits throughout the academic year. These are culturally based programs designed to give students the opportunity to experience school life and participate in class activities without any assessment requirements. Short term visits provide wonderful opportunities for Australian students to interact and learn about another culture.

All Shoji Australia programs are professionally coordinated and supported. We liaise with the school to prepare for a visit and monitor the program. Host families are generally found through advertising in the school and then we take responsibility for coordination of all correspondence and arrangements with families. Professional bilingual staff support the program throughout the stay and 24 hour assistance is offered to students and host families. Shoji Australia takes responsibility and duty of care for all visiting students.

Programs range from 1 week to one term and include both primary school students accompanied by a parent and high school programs.

Why host through Shoji Australia?

Shoji Australia is a local company with a substantial history in WA. It operates as a licensed travel agent focused on coordinating educational and cultural programs for Japanese & Australian students. Shoji staff has both native Japanese and English speakers who have backgrounds in business, education and the travel industry with both local and international knowledge and experience. Our motto is “Pathways to global friendships” and we are committed to providing experiences to nurture cultural awareness and positive relationships.


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