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Please fill the form below to register as a host family. The applicant must be over 18 and accept the role of host parent/main provider.

Please complete all sections of the form including information on every member of the household. The information is treated as confidential but is used to access suitability and placement for matching families and is also used to create a profile to give a Japanese guest.

Hosting Type & Preferences

For school based programs, please provide information about how your children get to school (method, time taken, etc.). For others, please provide information about access to the nearest public transport (type of transport, station name, walking time)

(For school based programs, a family member is usually asked to be a “school buddy” helping to support the student during the stay. For this they are asked to show the student around, keep the student company at break times, and sometimes have the student accompany them to a regular class. Please list the names of any school aged children that would be willing to act as a school buddy.)

Applicant Information (must be over 18 and accept the role of host parent/main provider)

(Must be residential address)

Family Member Details (applicant)

Please add full information for every person residing in your home.

Working With Children Check (WWCC)

Please note: any adult member of the household who will have an active role in supervision of a minor must have a current WWCC.  Shoji Australia will provide forms.

Family Profile

Facility Information

Final Step



Do you wish to add any other family member details?