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Pathways to Global Friendships & Opportunities

SHOJI AUSTRALIA has been operating as an accredited travel agent, education agent and tour operator, specialising in travel to and from Japan since 1985.  Shoji Australia’s core business is focused on coordinating educational and cultural programs for Japanese & Australian students and adult travellers, catering for both individuals and groups.  Having extensive knowledge of the both countries’ culture and languages, as well as experiences in providing personal services to wider clientele, Shoji Australia provides business concierge services to small businesses and individuals to help create, engage, invest, and grow international businesses.  Our staff includes both native Japanese and English speakers who have backgrounds in business, education, finance, and the wider travel industry with both local and international knowledge and experience. We offer a highly professional service with personalised support. Our motto is “Pathways to Global Friendships and Opportunities” and we are committed to providing experiences to nurture cultural awareness and positive relationships.


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School Tours to Japan

Children participating in educational travel are inspired by exposure to new people, ideas, and experiences that bring positive effects across all learning areas.  Language, cuisine, traditional and modern culture and practice, visual arts, music, heritage and futuristic architecture and technology, geography, can be observed and experienced.  The journey transpires the walls of classrooms to provide meaningful experiences, insight and opportunities for discussion about society, world history, politics, economy, cultural heritage and shared values.  Students mature intellectually and personally. Developing awareness of cultural and racial diversity helps prepare young people for a future in an increasingly global community.

Japan has all of this to offer.  Japan is also known for hospitality, efficient and reliable transport, good quality food, a low crime rate, and is generally considered one of the safest places in the world to travel.

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What people say...

"Thank you very much for organising our trip. Your careful planning has led to our very successful and fantastic trip. I would recommend Shoji Australia to other teachers who are planning trips to Japan. Once again, please accept my sincere thanks to you and your company."
- Bee Choo, Japanese teacher

"I was very impressed with the attention to detail, and the high level of planning which ultimately allowed me to enjoy Japan, rather than have to worry about day to day organisation and logistical matters."
- Patrick Laidler, Japanese teacher

Opportunies for schools to host visiting Japanese groups

Shoji Australia offers fully supported hosting programs to schools with or without a Japanese language program
Asian literacy is a major priority in the Australian curriculum and schools that host international programs are promoting cultural awareness, mutual understanding, shared values, and international friendship. Shoji Australia can offer you a new opportunity or take the burden off teachers through supporting an existing program.

More information about hosting Japanese groups for schools >

What people say...

“This was a great experience for our students…. Great support from Shoji … the kids loved it and I loved seeing them interact and grow.”
- Jemma van de Nes, Japanese teacher

Host a Japanese student or adult visitor

While helping your guest realise their Australian dream, you will experience friendship and cultural insight that will enrich your own life.

More Information about hosting a Japanese student or visitor >

What people say...

"Congratulations for the program, excellent manage of the logistics, we love to participate and we are still interested in another exchange. Thank you for the invitation to the exchange program, I hope that Marin has had a wonderful and enriching experience in our house, not only learning English, but also our culture. Marin is an intelligent girl, very educated and with very nice feelings, For us it was a real pleasure to have her at home and in general the family experience was very valuable. Now we miss her a lot and hope to keep in touch with her by the mail, to keep the friendship."
- Karina Machado

"Hosting Kana was the best experience for us as a family. We really enjoyed showing her around Perth and the chance to share our beautiful city. Her openness to try everything made for a fun week with everybody learning and sharing.  It was great and we would definitely do it again."
- Carissa David Ella and Connor

“The most enjoyable times were the quiet moments at home where Ruichi was able to share with us what his life at home was like…The bond we have created in such a short period of time, I am sure will continue… All in all, a fantastic enriching experience I would highly recommend to any family.”
- Davidovic family

Create your own Japan experience

Whether for business or leisure, Shoji Australia can custom design escorted tours or comprehensive self-guided itineraries that offer you a unique experience of Japan. We cover all the details to ensure worry free travel. Our service can include arranging accommodation (even home stay), flights, all transport in Japan, sightseeing itineraries (with maps, routes, informative notes, etc), bilingual guides as required, Japanese cultural activities and studies, meals, entry to events, etc. Shoji Australia can organise a travel experience customised for your budget.

More information about self-guided itinerary for a trip to Japan >

What people say...

"Dear Mitsue. Again, we would like to thank you, Jenni, and staff for all your help with bookings, transport, and airfares of our Japan holiday, as well as the detailed self guided itinerary which made our holiday in Japan a most memorable experience."
- Aurelio and Zdenka

"Both of you were brilliant and caring yesterday. I can't believe how thoroughly you prepared our trip, and how you never left a question until I understood the answer. You both seemed to remember every little gap that needed to be filled, and chased down every possibility of research until we were all satisfied. Thank you both so much."
- Penny and Sara

"What a magical way to tour Japan!  With Shoji's insight and knowledge of where to go, what to see, how to get there and where to stay, we explored more of Japan than we thought possible.  We went to places we didn't know existed and we had a REAL Japanese experience.  Loved it all - thank you Shoji. "
- Wendy Wheatley

Escorted Tours to Japan

Join one of our escorted tours to Japan which blend professional planning with personal attention, local knowledge and cultural insight. Or create your own escorted tour plan to suit your group.

Visit JAPANTRAVELCONCIERGE.COM for more tours and services >>>

What people say...

"It's taken me a few days to recover from our amazing adventure. 
Thank you for all your fabulous organisation and thoughtful guiding. Most of all thanks for your consideration, thoughtfulness, great sense of humour and sincere friendship.
It was wonderful to share the last two weeks with you."
- Margie
"Travelling with someone who spoke Japanese removed the stress of not being able to communicate.  It was also great having someone who knew what food to order so as not to over tax the western palate (the food was yummy and I tried things I never thought I never would).  The accommodation was conveniently located to transport and the sights and I loved the experience of staying in a ryokan.  All in all, an experience I hope to repeat."
- Noeleen Sprigg