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SHOJI オーストラリアは1985年以来、中高生正規留学、短期体験留学、語学留学、親子留学などの教育プログラムを、西オーストラリア州パースにて提供しています。




“This was a great experience for our students…. Great support from Shoji … the kids loved it and I loved seeing them interact and grow.”
- Jemma van de Ne, Japanese teacher


pic1990年代よりパースで交流プログラムを実施しており、プログラム参加者から「最初は心配だったが、楽しくあっという間の体験留学で、参加してよかった。」と、大変好評をいただいております。 海外での生活体験、英語への興味、国際交流について考えるきっかけをもつ、長期留学を検討するにあったっての準備、など 短期体験留学プログラムに参加される理由は様々ですが、参加後、必ず何か得るものがあることでしょう。

"I was very impressed with the attention to detail, and the high level of planning which ultimately allowed me to enjoy Japan, rather than have to worry about day to day organisation and logistical matters."
- Patrick Laidler, Japanese teacher



"Travelling with someone who spoke Japanese removed the stress of not being able to communicate.  It was also great having someone who knew what food to order so as not to over tax the western palate (the food was yummy and tried things I never thought I would).  The accommodation was conveniently located to transport and the sights and I loved the experience of staying in a ryokan.  All in all, an experience I hope to repeat."
- Noeleen Sprigg



"What a magical way to tour Japan!  With Shoji's insight and knowledge of where to go, what to see, how to get there and where to stay, we explored more of Japan than we thought possible.  We went to places we didn't know existed and we had a REAL Japanese experience.  Loved it all - thank you Shoji. "
- Wendy Wheatley


pic中学生・高校生が西オーストラリアに留学する際には、当地在住者のガーディアン(後見人)が必要となります。SHOJI Australiaではガーディアン代行サービスとして、留学生の学生生活一般にわたるサポートを提供しています。

“The most enjoyable times were the quiet moments at home where Ruichi was able to share with us what his life at home was like…The bond we have created in such a short period of time, I am sure will continue… All in all a fantastic enriching experience I would highly recommend to any family.”
- Davidovic family


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